Books by Medill Alumni

Truth Bee Told cover.

Truth Bee Told

Ian Douglass (MSJ 2006) Douglass has collaborated with professional wrestling star B. Brian Blair to complete Blair’s 472-page autobiography. Featuring forewords by Bret “The Hitman”...

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Castaway Mountain book jacket.

Castaway Mountain

Saumya Roy (MSJ02) “Castaway Mountain” is a narrative non fiction book on the Deonar garbage mountains of Mumbai and the waste pickers who live off...

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We Once Were Gazelles

Michael Chacko Daniels (MSJ68) In this coming of age novel set in 1950s Bombay, Michael Chacko Daniels explores both an India that was cosmopolitan, and...

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Seven Springs cover with photo of young author.

Seven Springs: A Memoir

By Ellen Blum Barish (MSJ94) One afternoon in the spring of 1972, a Mack truck sped through a residential intersection of Philadelphia and collided with...

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Book jacket with image of face wearing VR goggles.

The Nirvana Effect

By Brian Pinkerton (MSJ89) Society is sheltered indoors. The economy is in ruins. People spend their lives addicted to a breakthrough virtual reality technology, desperate...

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School I Deserve book jacket.

The School I Deserve

Jo Napolitano (BSJ98) “The School I Deserve,” (Beacon Press, April 20, 2021), follows six young refugees as they fight for the right to attend public...

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Cover of "The Kindest Lie" by Nancy Johnson.

The Kindest Lie

Nancy Johnson (BSJ93 – CAS93) It’s 2008, and the rise of Barack Obama ushers in a new kind of hope. In Chicago, Ruth Tuttle, an...

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