Books by Medill Alumni

Bylines and Blessings book jacket.

Bylines and Blessings

Judy Rosenfeld Gruen (MSJ86) What happens when career ambition begins to clash with a commitment to religious and personal values? In “Bylines and Blessings,” award-winning...

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Doorman Wanted book jacket.

Doorman Wanted – A Novel

Glenn Miller (MSJ90) Henry Franken has a problem with money – he has too much of it. When his unprincipled father dies, thirty-three-year-old Henry inherits...

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Coyotes Among US

Kerry Luft (BSJ87) Coyotes Among Us is an eye-opening volume of research and photographs exploring one of North America’s most persistent—and misunderstood—predators. The coyote. Even...

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The Blues Brothers jacket cover

The Blues Brothers

Daniel de Visé (MSJ90) In the first half of this exhaustively researched, highly informative book, de Visé, the author of King of the Blues and...

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Keep This Off The Record book jacket.

Keep This Off The Record

Arden Joy (BSJ16) Abigail Meyer and Freya Jonsson can’t stand one another. But could their severe hatred be masking something else entirely? From the moment...

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Everybody Here is Kin book jacket.

Everybody Here is Kin

BettyJoyce Nash (MSJ88) On Boneyard Island, Georgia, where everyone’s weirdly kin, thirteen-year-old Lucille is marooned when her mother goes AWOL with an old flame, leaving...

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Book cover with title and a green mountain.

Into the Soul of the World

Brad Wetzler (MSJ91) This powerful memoir shares an adventure journalist’s story of a decade-long, round-the-world quest to overcome his drug addiction and to understand and...

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Who We Are Now cover

Who We Are Now

Lauryn Chamberlain (BSJ14) Four friends. Fifteen years. Who We Are Now is a story of Sliding Doors moments, those seemingly small choices of early adulthood...

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