Doorman Wanted – A Novel

Doorman Wanted book jacket.

Glenn Miller (MSJ90)

Henry Franken has a problem with money – he has too much of it. When his unprincipled father dies, thirty-three-year-old Henry inherits a massive estate, including an Upper East Side residential building. He must confront the reality of his new financial status, directly conflicting with his well-honed identity as a “progressive liberal.” When he shows up to collect the keys to his father’s building, he notices a sign: “Doorman Wanted.” Seeing a chance to stave off the complexities of his inheritance, Henry applies for the position under a pseudonym… and gets it.

Now, no one in the building knows that Doorman “Franklin Hanratty” is the building’s new mysterious owner. Through interactions with residents and the homeless outside his door, Henry develops from an idealistic young person avoiding the demands of his fortune, into a man who accepts the opportunity to direct that wealth toward a broader good.
“…a delightful, meaningful, and important book that belongs on the top shelf of any library.” — Greg Fields, author of Through the Waters and the Wild.