The Keirn Chronicles Volume One: The Fabulous Wrestling Life of Steve Keirn

Keirn book cover

Ian Douglass (MSJ06)

Before Steve Keirn became one of the most influential trainers in professional wrestling history, he had a one-of-a-kind wrestling career that stretched around the pro wrestling world.

In “The Keirn Chronicles Volume One: The Fabulous Wrestling Life of Steve Keirn,” Douglass helps Steve Keirn tell the story of a young man who appeared to have lost his father to war at a delicate age, and whose subsequent quest to find a suitable father figure led him into a lifelong career in the professional wrestling industry. Keirn became one of the signature faces of Florida wrestling before evolving into one of wrestling’s most irrefutable trendsetters during his time as one half of the pioneering Mid-American tag team known as The Fabulous Ones!

Douglass and Keirn withhold no details with respect to everything from Keirn’s tumultuous childhood to each hair-raising incident that transpired during the first 20 years of his wrestling career. Over the course of more than 400 pages, Douglass helps Keirn elaborate on all of the latter’s interactions and relationships with dozens of legendary professional wrestling figures, including Eddie Graham, Mike Graham, Jack Brisco, Gerald Brisco, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Dusty Rhodes.

This is the backstory behind one of the most unheralded influencers in professional wrestling history!