Sandcastles, an independently produced podcast by Adriana Cargill won 4 Signal awards.
Limited Series- Gold for Best Documentary podcast
Limited Series- Silver Best Indie Podcast
Limited Series- Bronze for Best Sustainability & Environment Podcast
Craft- Gold Best Trailer

Sandcastles is a podcast about home, how we create it, and why we fight so hard for it. The first season is The Point Dume Bombers, about a group of childhood friends who came together to protect their home from the Woolsey Fire. When emergency first responders were overwhelmed by LA county’s most destructive fire, these surfers stepped up to defend their home turf in Point Dume, Malibu. Their devotion to home drove them to show up for their community in ways no one expected- not even them. In the days and years that followed what this unlikely band of surfers pioneered could have global consequences.