Medill Magazine Issue 88

Cover Image Medill Magazine Issue 88

Fashion insider Ed Filipowski (BSJ83)’s had a haute career. As the president and chief strategist of KCD, a fashion public relations agency that specializes in event production and digital services, he takes care of two kinds of clients: the designer or the fashion house. Filipowski credits his journalism roots for helping him respect both journalism codes and the integrity of fashion in his role, and believes a bottom line in fashion is identifying and promoting good stories.

This issue’s guest letter features Kurt Soller (BSJ08), an editor at Bloomberg’s Etc., who helps celebrate the fashion-related accomplishments of Medill’s alumni by bringing readers back to the un-fashionable days of college life. He shouts-out to, “bell bottoms, popped-collar polos, Ugg boots, North Face puffers and leggings warn as pants,” and the fact that while Medill isn’t a fashion journalism school, it has produced some of the country’s fashion greats.

Other highlights include Cristiana Lacayo (BSJ05, IMC06) on her family’s 80-year battle for freedom of expression in Nicaragua, Lee Whack (MSJ11) on the hard lessons learned at Medill and soon-to-be IMC grads who networked with alumni at top media companies in New York City.

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