Emily Glazer (BSJ10) and Deepa Seetharaman (BSJ08)

A Wall Street Journal reporting team with Medill alumni Deepa Seetharaman (BSJ08) and Emily Glazer (BSJ10) won a 2021 George Polk Award for Business Reporting for their series “Facebook Files.”

Long Island University gave further insight into the selection:

“Reporter Jeff Horwitz and the staff of the Wall Street Journal have won the Business Reporting award for “Facebook Files,” an explosive series documenting how Facebook (now Meta) ignored internal findings that company practices promoted anger, divisiveness and extremism; protected drug cartels, human traffickers and dictators; and endangered teenage girls susceptible to body-image concerns, anxiety and depression. Files Horwitz obtained from a whistleblower demonstrated that top executives rejected fixes they feared might reduce profitability or create political friction.”