Truth Bee Told

Truth Bee Told cover.

Ian Douglass (MSJ 2006)

Douglass has collaborated with professional wrestling star B. Brian Blair to complete Blair’s 472-page autobiography. Featuring forewords by Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Steve “Gator” Keirn, along with an afterword from Hulk Hogan, Truth Bee Told has been praised by reviewers as an instant classic professional wrestling autobiography.

Despite growing up amidst the challenges caused by poverty, disfiguring injuries and familial strife, Brian Blair’s determination to better himself and his life circumstances took him to worldwide wrestling fame, and also to major successes in the realms of business and politics. Truth Bee Told places you in the passenger’s seat alongside Brian for an entertaining and often hilarious journey through more than 40 years in the professional wrestling industry. You will learn the steep price Brian paid to go from welfare to millionaire, as you experience every marvelous conquest and heartbreaking catastrophe right alongside him. As a tell-all autobiography that pulls no punches, Truth Bee Told more than lives up to its name.