The U.S. Civil Rights Trail

Cover of "Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail" by Deborah D. Douglas.

Deborah Douglas (BSJ89)

The U.S. Civil Rights Trail offers a vivid glimpse into the story of Black America’s fight for freedom. From witnessing eye-opening landmarks to celebrating triumph over adversity, experience a tangible piece of history with Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail.

Flexible Itineraries: Travel the entire trail through the South, or take shorter trips with chapters on Charleston, Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, Washington DC, and more places that were significant to the Civil Rights Movement

Historic Civil Rights Sites: Learn about Dr. King’s legacy at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, be transformed at the small but mighty Emmett Till Intrepid Center, and stand tall with Little Rock Nine at their memorial in Arkansas

The Culture of the Movement: Get to know the voices, stories, music, and flavors that shape and celebrate Black America both then and now

Voices of the Movement: Features activists who were there, such as Diane Nash, Bernard Lafayette, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, James Meredith, JoAnne Bland, Rev. Calvin Woods, several Freedom Riders and Children’s Crusade participants.

Expert Insight: Award-winning journalist Deborah D. Douglas offers her valuable perspective and knowledge, as well as suggestions for engaging with local communities by patronizing Black-owned businesses and seeking out activist groups

Travel Tools: Find tips on where to stay, where to eat, the best local nightlife, and more, plus driving directions for exploring the sites on a road trip, with full-color photos and maps throughout

Detailed coverage of: Charleston, Atlanta, Selma to Montgomery, Birmingham, Jackson, the Mississippi Delta, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Raleigh, Durham, Virginia, and Washington DC
Foreword by Bree Newsome Bass: activist, filmmaker, and artist

Journey through history, understand struggles past and present, and get inspired to create a better future with Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail.