American OZ: An Astonishing Year Inside Traveling Carnivals at State Fairs & Festivals: Hitchhiking From California to New York, Alaska to Mexico

Michael Sean Comerford (MSJ83)

American OZ is a rollicking, gritty, adventurous story of life in the secretive subculture of traveling carnivals. You’ll never see your state fair or street fest the same way again.

Michael Sean Comerford writes a bold, inspiring true story of a year working behind the scenes with the colorful characters and legends of carnivals.

It’s a new classic American road story as he hitchhikes to shows in California, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Alaska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, and Florida where he works in a freak show. He travels to the lawless foothills of Mexico to see the new face of the American carny.Learn about their hidden world among us. The deeper you read the more you’ll see. A #1 Amazon bestseller, it’s available everywhere books are sold, including audiobooks.