The Flying Flamingo Sisters

Carrie Seim (MSJ 03)

Seim, a freelance writer for publications including The New York Times, NY Post, The Atlantic and Cosmo, has published her first book: The Flying Flamingo Sisters— a soaring audio adventure that will delight fans of The Goonies and Indiana Jones. Performed as a 1930s radio drama, it’s bursting with humor for all ages, orchestral scoring and some of the most talented voices on Broadway.

When their ace pilot parents mysteriously disappear over the Pacific, the Flamingo Sisters — Flo, Faye and Franny — escape the clutches of their evil Uncle Freidrich (who believes girls should never pilot aeroplanes) and join a flying circus. They soon become a smashing sensation, performing aerial acrobatics, wing walking and other death-defying feats in a dazzling biplane outfitted with three cockpits.

But when the girls discover a mysterious map — which may lead them to the long-lost Flamingo family fortune — their dastardly uncle follows them on a thrilling chase in the skies. The Flying Flamingo Sisters must use wits, courage and derring-do to solve secret codes and save their parents. Not to mention themselves!

The story was inspired by the real flying circus of Seim’s grandfather — and she was thrilled to join the cast of the Audible production.