Maureen Quaid (MSJ83)

Maureen Angela Quaid died Jan. 1, 2020, in Minneapolis due to complications from breast cancer.

Maureen was born in Chicago, March 12, 1956, to Francis “Duke” Quaid and Angela Quaid (Fazio). After attending high school in Illinois (River Forest, Oak Park, Evanston) and Wisconsin (Wauwatosa), Maureen received an honors B.A. in psychology from Arizona State Univ. (1978) and her masters from Medill.

Maureen worked for more than 25 years in the clean energy industry, devoted to protecting the future of our world through energy efficiency and renewable energy. She began her career as a researcher for the Minneapolis and Washington State Energy Offices, then helped build new clean energy programs in Oregon, New Jersey, Colorado and New Mexico. She returned to Minnesota in 2017 to consult and write.

She is survived by her daughter, Brett Quaid Ford; her two older brothers, Francis and Hubert; and three younger half-brothers, Shawn, Ted and O’Brien.