Inside Our Days

Cover of "Inside Our Days" by Michele Merens.

Michele Merens (Ellis) (MSJ83)

“Inside Our Days” tells the story of Bree Durning, a happily married woman who abruptly flees home and family after receiving a dire cancer diagnosis. When her husband, William, a trained psychologist, tracks her down, she can hardly explain why she has turned from all she loves to all that only promises her pain: her own blindsiding memories. A deep dive into the ravages of complex PTSD, and how symptoms of this disease often mimic other anxieties and depressions, confounding sufferers and those who love them. “Inside Our Days” will be published by Muriel Press, Marian University, a university press dedicated to publishing books tied to social justice issues of our time.

It launches October 1, 2020 and is available through, libraries, book retailers and directly from Muriel Press, In print or ebook editions.