If You Can’t Make Your Dream Come True, Then Build One

Cover of "If You Can't Make Your Dream Come True, Then Build One" by Anya Cheng.

Anya Cheng (IMC08)

Opportunities are there for taking for those who are ready. However, when there is no opportunity in sight, instead of waiting, you must create opportunity on your own.

Waiting for someone to open a door for you is fine, but sometimes you have to kick the door open yourself.

How did a reporter from Taiwan become the Head of Product for eCommerce apps in Silicon Valley?

How did a young, immigrant business woman, who came from a humble home, lead engineers and data scientists at Facebook, eBay and Target?

Cheng’s story tells us that if she can do it, you can do, too, as long as you learn the how-to’s and are courageous enough to fight in unconventional ways.

Listen to your heart, be open-minded about new things, grab opportunities, and know when you don’t know something. We are living in a new era that no one has ever experienced. You aren’t happy with your career? You feel lost about the future? You’re not sure how to make decisions? Don’t be afraid! We are all pioneers now, and just like the pioneers of the old days, today’s pioneers hold the future in their hands. You can build your future from scratch! If you aren’t creative and don’t define the new rules yourself, how will you overcome these new challenges?

Currently based in Silicon Valley, Cheng uses her 15 years of experience in multiple countries and of finding her first job in the U.S. during the Great Recession to advise you on how to be a maverick and pioneer, and to turn crisis into opportunity. Sometimes when you think you have no opportunities, it’s actually that you are afraid and don’t know you have options. This book reveals how Cheng built her own opportunities and career. Reading it will inspire you and help you gain the confidence and power to push through difficult times!