Here Lies America: Buried Agendas and Family Secrets at the Tourist Sites Where Bad History Went Down

Jason Cochran (BSJ93)

In “Here Lies America,” Cochran, editor-in-chief at and host of a weekly travel radio show on WABC in NYC, takes his readers on a journey through disaster zones, battlefields, terrorist attack sites— as long as it has a parking lot and a gift shop, Cochran put it on the itinerary, no gravestone unturned. From coast to coast, he unearths history that was manipulated with monuments, discovers people who subtly carved propaganda into stone from Arlington to Hollywood to the Times Square subway, and asks why some our country’s most momentous sacrifices were all but erased from the landscape.

And when he pauses to find the spot where one of his own ancestors met an untimely demise, he unravels a tragic race-based murder plot that had remained buried for a century.