Michelle Kosinksi (BSJ, MSJ95), Jeff Mason (BSJ98, MSJ99), Prof. Ellen Shearer, Elena Schneider (BSJ13, MSJ14), Dean Charles Whitaker, Nikole Killion (BSJ/MSJ ’99) and Rafael Bernal (MSJ13) at a pre-election panel event in DC on Nov. 21, 2019. Photo: Kenneth Edward Piner

  • Rafael Bernal (MSJ ’13) – Staff Writer, The Hill
  • Nikole Killion (BSJ/MSJ ’99) – Correspondent, CBS News
  • Michelle Kosinski (BSJ/MSJ ’95) – Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, CNN
  • Jeff Mason (BSJ ’98, MSJ ’99) – White House Correspondent, Reuters
  • Elena Schneider (BSJ ’13, MSJ ’14) – National Political Reporter, POLITICO

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