Erin Brockovich: Superman’s Not Coming, Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can do About It

Cover of "Superman's Not Coming" by Erin Brockovich.

Suzanne Boothby (BSJ00)

A modern-day Silent Spring, from environmental activist, consumer advocate, and renowned crusader Erin Brockovich and journalist Suzanne Boothby looking at the present situation with water and the imminent threats to our most precious, essential element.

The movie (Erin Brockovich) came out 20 years ago and this book details her life since then as thousands of people from all over the world email her every month about cancer cases, toxic water, and other environmental issues. This book details the top toxins in our water today, highlights many of the communities fighting for clean water, uncovers EPA issues, exposes contaminated military sites, reckons with water and climate change, and shows how everyday people can get involved.

The Atlantic called it, “a master class on water for the layperson and an exhortation to work for improvements in our own communities—taking readers on a tour of struggling locales around the country.”