Act Like You’re Having a Good Time

Cover of "Act Like You're Having a Good Time" by Michele Weldon.

Michele Weldon (BSJ79, MSJ80)

Award-winning memoirist Michele Weldon’s new new essay collection  “Act Like You’re Having a Good Time” is written with honesty and depth and explores what it means to be a mature woman seeking a life of purpose and meaning through work, family and relationships.

In “Act Like You’re Having a Good Time,” Weldon reflects on growing up with her family, being a single mother, striving for applause and acceptance, failing expectations, forming new friendships, reconciling lost dreams and restoring one’s faith. With sincerity and humor, she dissects family traditions, painting classes, lap swimming and dress codes. Weldon also contemplates her upbringing and acknowledges that white privilege created and sustains her circumstances in life.

Looking to find connection with readers in these turbulent times, Weldon set her sights on writing a distinctive essay collection that explores the difficult parts of life, whether it be aging, facing disappointment or learning to live with insecurities. In an age of self-care and over-the-top indulgence, Weldon has found peace and clarity through gratitude, affirming that “you are already enough.” Weldon invites readers to recognize the universal experience of learning to accept oneself and asking essential questions—even if there are no easy answers.